is your mind & BODY at one with nature? let us help.

Meeting new people is one of the best things about traveling full time. With your tent you can sleep under the stars and share your campfire with fellow travelers. We took solar shower too.

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There is so much to see in the USA and if you use the strategies in our book, you'll be able to stay longer, save gas and enjoy more new places than if you travel in an expensive RV.

See and Experience MORE

10 states, 15 National Parks and more than 50 different campgrounds were "occupied" over two years. We did on a very tight budget and you can do it too.

Get HEALTHY by traveling

Also included in the book is the ROAD KILL DIET. It's an extreme, change your location to save your life plan. Learn how to travel to new places that will better you in many new ways.

We have a great solution for safe low cost travel, new adventure and weight loss too.

Meet new friends

Stay Longer

Richard & Laura Pawlowski

"More than just an eBook - this is a new housing, travel, diet and survival guide"

"My husband and I are at the 70 mark  and only used our little tent for two week vacations. We often refer to how well we slept and enjoyed our time together, but never thought of it for a year experience. We are now considering at least a long term camping adventure and are looking at our "treasures" in a different light. Thanks for the book!" - Herb's wife (an Amazon review)

"They give tips on equipment and methods but the main idea of the book to is get up and go now while you still can and you'll learn how to adapt to your situation no matter what happens. I found their book a better than average book. I've read quite a few books of this genre and believe this is the best."  - Vern L (an Amazon review)